Domino’s iPhone App Delivers

Domino’s Pizza released an iPhone app in September which allowed users to order their favourite pizza straight from their handset.

The app has since delivered £1 million in sales, demonstrating once again how important digital execution are in the retail environment.

According to the press release:

Domino’s app uses GPS to automatically locate the nearest Domino’s store. Pizza lovers can then scroll through a carousel style menu to select their favourite pizzas, sides, desserts, subs and drinks. Pizzas can be customised by pinching to resize the base and scattering on a range of tasty toppings before sending the order straight to the store. iPhone users can also be in with the chance of winning money off their next order by popping their pizza in the oven and swiping or blowing away the steam to reveal a code. Then, while the pizza is in the real oven, users can keep tabs on its progress with the real-time pizza tracker.

In addition, the iPhone app features a fun ‘pizza slot machine’ which enables users to shake their phone and pick a totally random selection from Domino’s 75 million combinations of base, sauce and toppings. The choices can be spun again or locked and sent as an order straight to the store.

Not only is the app providing a useful service, it makes the most of new and emerging technologies to provide that service.

What are your favourite examples of technology being used in this way?


5 thoughts on “Domino’s iPhone App Delivers

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  2. Hi Matt,

    Whilst I’ve not yet used the app and frankly am not a huge fan of Domino’s, it sounds like a really well thought out application. Domino’s have invested a lot of resource into their social media presence in recent months with a massively popular and fairly innovative facebook presence and seem to be responding very well to the changing technology landscape.

    I think the emergence of geo-location based apps will mean that retail will pick up on the commercial opportunities that GPS enabled smartphones present them a lot more in the coming year. Be interesting to see whether geo-location becomes more mainstream in 2011.

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