Songsterr – Guitar Tabs With Rhythm

Songsterr is a guitar tab display startup which uses Flash to show you how to play your favourite songs.

Guitar tabs have always been a nightmare to find on the Internet. Not because they’re not available, but more because they always appear in different formats and can often be a nightmare to read.

What I really like about Songsterr is the clarity of the page when you’re reading and trying to learn the tab. There’s also a (dodgy sounding) accompaniment to help you get the right rhythm, but I feel you might as well play along to the record for that.

What’s more, they recently confirmed that they are looking to release an iPhone and iPad app.

So, take a look if you’re forever looking for guitar tabs to play your favourite tracks, Songsterr may well just be able to help!

Naturally, Songterr are present on Twitter, Facebook and have their own blog.


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