Social Gaming To Hit $1 Billion In 2011

According to eMarketer, social gaming will be worth $1bn over the next 12 months.

There will be two major drivers for this, in-game virtual goods purchases and advertising revenues.

The key points from the research are:

1) Nearly 62 million US internet users, or 27% of the online audience, will play at least one game on a social network monthly this year, up from 53 million in 2010

2) Ad spending will grow more quickly; in 2011, marketers will spend $192 million to advertise on social games, nearly a 60% increase over 2010

3) Rapid growth in ad spending will help its share of total revenues grow from 14.1% in 2010 to 20.5% in 2012

4) Only 6% of US social gamers spend money on virtual items but they will generate revenues of $653 million in the US throughout 2011

Last year, Popcap Games commissioned some research looking into who is actually playing social games – 55% of social gamers are female, with 38% saying they play social games every day.

But, what would be really interesting to understand is whether female gamers spend more than their male counterparts, and what stimulates their spending…


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