High Society – Wellcome Collection

The Wellcome Collection is currently playing host to High Society, an exhibition about the influence on drugs in art and culture.

The exhibition includes hardware, software and propaganda in the battle against drug use, as well as looking into self-expression through art and video.

The aim of the show is to demonstrate the size of the drugs industry today, how it developed and what allowed it to evolve.

From health benefits, to the psychedelic 60’s and experiments during the Victorian era, the exhibition includes art looking at individual use, finances across the globe and imagery drawn by those under the influence.

Haunting illustrations, archaic books and (quite frankly) headache inducing videos all help to tell the story of how drug use has affected popular culture, resulting from the Victorian’s interest in what substances could do to change the mental state.

I highly recommend visiting the exhibition, it makes for a perfect Sunday afternoon education to understand from where the UK’s opinions about drugs developed from.


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