Zerply Review

Zerply is a professional social network designed to make connecting with other like-minded individuals quick and easy.

It’s currently in beta, but I’ve been lucky enough to get my hands on an invite to have a play.

The initial information gathering process is simple enough, you enter your name, desired username, location and password.

Next, you enter a few tags to let everybody know your expertise, social media and writing for me then.

You then have the ability to upload your experience from LinkedIn or create new content manually, naturally importing the data from LinkedIn is easiest and saves you a heck of a lot of time.

Finally you get to choose your avatar and choose one of three themes to give your new profile a polished finish.

Zerply - Matt Churchill

The interface is clean and intuitive and the new search function makes it easy to find people you’d like to connect with.

The tough thing for Zerply is that professional social networking is dominated by LinkedIn – but the approach Zerply are taking is an interesting solution to the challenge.

It’s a stripped down, minimalist take on a topic that is easy to saturate with numbers, names and gushing self-praise.

Zerply is almost like an online business card and could be very useful indeed.

You can visit my profile here.

They also have a blog and are, naturally, represented on Twitter.


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