Digital Media Consumption Manifesto

Don’t Make Me Steal is a manifesto for the current consumption of media online.

It’s aim is to give content creators a new way of approaching those who consume to make sure that both parties get a fair deal in the content conception, production and consumption process.

The manifesto looks to prove that people won’t steal content if content producers make their content easier to access and to a wider number of people.

The main points that the group want addressed are:

1) Pricing
2) Languages
3) Convenience
4) Choice & Release Dates
5) Rights

PSFK tells us:

The concept was born out of a workshop at the Lift11 Conference in early February that featured professionals from various industries discussing how to end piracy the “right way.”

And with 4,000 signatures and counting, it seems there are quite a few people who would agree with this approach.


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