Local Newspapers Grow Online

Readership of regional and local newspapers online is slowly growing, according to the latest ABCes, reports the Newspaper Society.

Traffic has risen by 23.5% in the last year, an increase felt by 90% of news publishers.

The growth indicates that not only are local papers, upping their game, but more people are looking to consume local news in an easy-to-digest manner.

It is also possible that as high-level broadband penetration throughout the UK continues to propogate through rural and more remote areas of the country, a larger number of people are deciding to use the Internet to get their local news, rather than purchasing their paper from the shops.

Although advertising revenues have not increased as dramatically, there are still encouraging gains in this area.

I think that this shows how important local news still is and that digital delivery of local news has a far greater potential than we first thought.

Do you read your local paper online, and what do you think it could do to improve?


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