How To Use Google Bookmarks

Google Bookmarks quietly launched a couple of weeks ago, as the search giant looks prise Delicious and Yahoo bookmark users away from the threatened services.

Google’s curation of bookmarks is in-line with their cloud-based philosophy and will a welcome move for users who fear losing data from their normal social bookmarking providers.

The 3 step import process could not be simpler:

Sign in with your existing Delicious or Yahoo details.

You’ll have to wait a moment or two before you are presented with all your bookmarks. Select which ones you want to import – they’re all checked from the start to save you the hassle of clicking *everything* – and click import.

A few more moments later and you’ll be presented with all your bookmarks in order of title. You can change this to date if you wish!

On the left hand navigation bar there are a set of tools:

Manage labels – organize your labels and tags
Add bookmark – add a new bookmark
Import bookmarks – import additional bookmarks
Export bookmarks – export your bookmarks
Delete all bookmarks – delete everything (why would you do this if you’ve just uploaded them?!)
Delete all lists – delete pre-created bookmark lists
Web History – allows you to see your search and viewing history, a function you must enable and download the Google Toolbar for, if you want to use it

Initially this seems to be a great alternative product and may help to qualm many users fears that they’ll be losing all their bookmarks.

It’ll be interesting to see exactly how Google start to develop this embryonic offering.


3 thoughts on “How To Use Google Bookmarks

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