Custom Profile Pages: 3 To Watch Out For

There has been a rise in minimalist custom profile pages as a response to the larger social networks. The use of one page to collate, publicise and share your online presence as a business card is an interesting development as users look to get more consumption of their content, for less hard work.

Here’s three to have a look at:
Flavors was one of the first custom profile startups to make waves within social media and draw popular attention.

It makes basic tool available to all users, such as image uploading and palette customisation, allowing you a fair amount of room to make the page your own.

The Flavors team have taken a premium model approach, with a greater variety of fonts and layouts available to users who sign up and pay a few dollars for the privilege. has recently gained popularity and fans for its wide ranging customisation options, intuitive UI and friendly feel.

The young company has been given a chunk of cash by AOL to develop and try to corner this particular market.

What remains to be seen is how that money will be spent and if users are willing to invest their time in, to re-affirm AOL’s confidence in their offering.

The newest kid on the block is Apart from the awesome name, the user experience is seamless and the presentation of your profile is, in my opinion, second to none.

The profile building process is extremely similar to, but the customisation options have a similar level of variation, if not larger volume.

It’s also worth keeping an eye on and Profile Stamp, two even newer startups which could be promising. If you want an invite for Profile Stamp, go here!


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