Scoville – Growing the Foursquare Eco-System

Scoville is the latest companion to Foursquare, with geo-location services now beginning to show their value.

The idea behind Scoville is to share your favourite Foursquare check-ins with your friends through #toptuesday on Twitter, recommending places to visit to your followers.

Each week you elect your favourite places to be shared – these are then published to your Twitter feed and hashtagged accordingly. If you so wish, you can also set these updates to be automated.

It’s an interesting concept – not only are you sharing cool stuff, Scoville are attempting to drive a trending topic that will grow their awareness and subsequently generate interest in advertising revenue.

This means that venues should be looking to give consumers a reason to include them in their toptuesday lists to drive their own awareness.

There is scope here to expand to promoted venues, for example one per week, which may also provide a revenue stream once the service has become widely adopted.

Scoville’s beta programme is currently open to Foursquare Superusers with over 500 check-ins, a great way of making sure that the product is tested by users who appreciate what Foursquare can be used for.

The services that are cropping up around Foursquare indicate that there are some really innovative ideas in development whilst also demonstrating we’re yet to hit that tipping point; what an exciting prospect that is!

You can get more about Scoville on Facebook and Twitter.


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