The $250 Foursquare Badge

Foursquare badges are the latest form of social currency on the Internet.

As with tweets or Facebook status updates, people are trying to apply a monetary value to them, in order to ascertain which users are the most influential.

Badges also indicate a member’s status within a community: you have lots of badges, you are someone to be trusted.

So, what value would you apply to a highly sought after badge?

About Foursquare says…

One determined group of 50 foursquare jumpers — users who digitally “jump” around the globe solely to unlock badges — has proven just how dedicated they are to their craft, though, by essentially buying one of foursquare’s hardest-to-get badges. In the end, their desperate play to grab a badge netted about $250 for charity.

$250 for a sought after badge that has a high barrier to entry demonstrates the willingness a hardcore userbase has to collect the unobtainable, something of course we see in gaming communities all the time.

It also shows the growing importance for services like Foursquare to reward their most active and enthusiastic users in order to retain them from competitors, such as Facebook Deals.

What would you pay to get that Foursquare badge you long for? Leave a comment, or take the poll on Facebook!

2 thoughts on “The $250 Foursquare Badge

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