AV Referendum – Google Insights Says: No

In the UK, we’ll be finding out in around 24 hours if the way we vote in our MPs will be changing, or if the British public have decided to stick with the status quo.

Google Insights shows us the development in searches for ‘No to AV’ and ‘yes to AV’ over the last three months.

If this is a guide, the ‘No’ vote will win.

It also indicates that the final result will be a lot closer than has been predicted.

What I find really interesting here is the huge uptick in searches over the last 2 weeks – the media have, rightly, told us that we don’t care, and it appears that people are really leaving it late to do their reading on what to vote for.


2 thoughts on “AV Referendum – Google Insights Says: No

  1. Wow, looks like a close call. I think those who are saying “No” are doing so in more confidence that those saying “Yes” to the opinion polls. Simply because it’s such a big change. The current system is hundreds of years old. Yet, I’ve heard in conversation that parties use it to elect their candidates!
    The more I think about AV, the more it seems over complicated. I hope that those who understand and vote for it, do so for the right reasons. We’ll know in a few hours.

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