How to get a job in social media: 3 tips

Getting a job in social media should not be as daunting as you may think.

It’s graduation season in the UK and as such, the newly examined will be looking for their first job, perhaps in social media and digital communications.

Those who feel their education in the comms space might be lacking could consider earning an online degree, from someone such as (sponsored link)AMC online or a similar institution, in order to enhance their CV.

With that in mind, here’s my five tips for finding that perfect digital role:

Use Twitter and Linkedin

Both Twitter and Linkedin are fantastic resources that you should be using to their potential. Setup Twitter searches to keep an eye on who’s looking for grads – key search terms are likely to be “grad + social media”, “hiring + AAE”, “Hiring + AE”.

Similarly, follow the firms you want to work for on Linkedin and look for the folks that work with them and start to have a look at thier activity to identify opportunities to engage with them and monitor for job opportunities.

Know who’s doing what

You’ve got to show a curiosity and desire to learn if you want to develop into a good digital comms professional. Keep ahead of other candidates by reading about what’s going on in the digital world, but also outside of it. It helps to be able to apply that digital brain of yours to real life events too.

Be positive and stay cool

A lot of digital firms have a strong work ethic – they also have a chilled demeanour. It’s important to stay relaxed and play to your strengths when you’re courting these guys. Be chirpy, inquisitive and keep what you say genuine. If you’re a chancer, you’ll be spotted a mile away, so keep your feet on the ground!

But above all remember: no serious digital firm will take you seriously if you’re not involved in the digital space in one capacity or another – you don’t have to be a prolific tweeter, but having an understanding of the platforms and how they can be used by brands is a great help.

What would you recommend to the folks who are looking to get in to digital comms and social media?


3 thoughts on “How to get a job in social media: 3 tips

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  2. Hi,
    I’m working in property at the moment, and keen to get in to the Social Media fold. How best can I get in to it? I’m not a graduate so wouldn’t qualify for any of the spcified info, but I do have 8 years experience in property and sales.

    Thank you in anticipation.


  3. I would like to add that if you don’t have any experience, invest time is using social media to enhance your brand. You will have something to show, the experiences and lessons learnt,priceless.

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