Foursquare Badge Crawl

4sq Badge Crawl is a great little application for Foursquare badge collectors who are scratching their heads at just where they need to check in to earn their next prize.

By giving the app access to your account through the usual OAuth login, it plots where you should go going to get the core Foursquare badges.

As an example, here’s what my plan looks like (click on the image to get a bigger version):

To the left, there’s a guide of what badges you’re missing and how many more times you need to check in to a similar venue to capture the badge.

The app shows you the shortest route on a map to the right so you can work out how best you can spend that free morning or afternoon.

What this goes to show, badge collecting aside, is that given the freedom of data and an innovative technology community, an (wait for it, buzz word alert) ecosystem can freely develop around maturing platforms or data sources.

This sort of approach to identifying what data can tell us and how it can help us, provides a the end user with a more interactive experience. We’re not *just* checking in any more and developers know it – what’s fantastic is that Foursquare freely let them go about their business, for now.

What would you like to see created on top of the existing Foursquare data streams?


4 thoughts on “Foursquare Badge Crawl

  1. This is pretty cool and I’ll be downloading the app shortly. But, what would be really cool is Foursquare integrated with a service like Groupon…something that matches your location with real-time offers.

  2. This application was working great but suddenly I have an error. I have tried removing access and starting again, logging out, etc. The error I receive is:
    Oops, an error occured

    This exception has been logged with id 66obclmha.

    Anyone else receiving this. I have tried to find a way to be in touch with the developers but no luck. I certainly miss using this app. Thanks for your help.

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