Huffington Post UK Biggins To Go Live

The Next Web is reporting that the UK version of the Huffington Post is soon to go live.

A page from Christopher Biggins’ (hence the pun!) column is live and viewable, despite the homepage prompting for a username and password.

Given the global success of the Huffington Post in it’s US incarnation, it’ll be interesting to see if this local-to-the-UK version will be as big a hit.

The move is certainly interesting, keeping in perspective the move by the Guardian and the Observer to stop publishing their International editions, putting them solely online.

It shows that there is still a desire, despite the global nature of news, for a local view, be it on a regional, national or by-town scale.

The editorial standards that have been set by the HuffPo then, make this an interesting move, and with it’s international reputation, one that will be watched the world over as a sign that blogging is still a key format of communication despite the emergence of Twitter et al.

TNW reports that the site is due to go live on Wednesday 6th July.


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