is a new tool from the creator of Spotify’s best playlist sharing service ShareMyPlaylists.

Retweet’s aim is to measure the reach of your tweets so that you can find out how many people may have seen the content you’ve created.

This is a question we’ve been asked by brands since Twitter’s evolution as a digital marketing tool: “So, how many people actually saw that tweet?”. Of course it’s much more meaningful to track click throughs, via for example, but regardless, it’s a way of working out how well your community reacts to certain types of content being shared.

A very simple interface makes this extremely easy to understand, and the pulling in of data seems pretty seamless.

It shows you the content of the tweet, the users who retweeted it, the total number of potential impressions and each user’s percentage share of that total, as well as each user’s number of followers.

A neat function is the ability to see your most retweeted tweets, again a great way of seeing what content flies, and likewise, who you most retweet can tell you what content you’re finding useful, funny or informative.

Of course, Retweet doesn’t replace the total number of clicks as the better form of measurement of impact, but it is useful to demonstrate how just one or two retweets from the right people can share your content much wider than just your own network.


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