Foursquare Expertise

Foursquare have announced the latest update to their offering: Expertise.

Expertise is a reflection of how often you check in at particular types of venues and rewards you with levels according to how many times you visit a particular type of place.

You can see from my ‘Fresh Brew’ badge the data is already being rolled out.

We’ve already got all this great data on your expertise from your past check-ins, so the exciting part now is identifying the ways we can use it to help people make decisions in the real world. For instance, if you’re at a wine bar, it’s much more useful to see a Tip from a Level 8 wine expert. Or, if a karaoke buff always goes to a specific place, we can make sure that it comes up first when you’re looking to sing your heart out. There are lots of ways to use the community’s expertise to make the world more interesting, and foursquare will keep getting more useful the more you and your friends use it.

This added tweak is very GetGlue, which rewards users similarly according to how many times they check-in to a TV show or artist profile with different ‘levels’ of fan sticker.

What’s cool here is that Foursquare adds another layer of usefulness to their product. A tip is no longer just a random piece of advice from a user who went to that bar once, it’s now quantifiable by the amount of times the same person has been to that bar and really knows the best table, most appropriate wine and tastiest food.

It’s a simple, yet effective, way for Foursquare to add an extra little bit of value to their product and continue to drive for that stickiness that all social networks are looking for.


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