5 New startups to look out for – February

I am believer in supporting startups, so every month i’m going to cover 5 that have real potential.

Jux is a wonderful photo sharing site. It’s simplicity lies in a single module that presents a little information on your image, designed to fit your screen, allowing your images to speak for themselves – wonderful. LIVE!

Kuuala looks to share sustainable products to encourage you to live a lifestyle that’s better for the planet. Whether it’s tech or office supplies, Kuuala has it covered. LIVE!

Mistash is much like Provord, in so much as it looks to create a digital history of your offline material goods. The platform is like a Pinterest of real world items that you actually own. Neat. LIVE!

Pleek is a music discovery platform that allows you to create your own music genres based on your tastes and then sharing it with your friends. NOT LIVE YET!

Wello is the latest in a long line of lifestyle health and fitness services. It looks good and is encouraging you to sign up to beta test whether you are a personal trainer or a client. NOT LIVE YET!

What have you seen recently that’s caught your eye? Are you at a startup that would like to be considered for inclusion? Did you find this brief round up interesting, dull or ever so very helpful? Let me know in the comments below!


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