GumroadGumroad is a service that lets you sell your stuff online.

Whether it’s an ebook, a song or a piece of code, Gumroad provides a really simple solution for monetising something you’ve created.

Recently I put together an ebook and was looking for a simple platform that would enable me to share it without going through hassle of a long sign up process, complicated ecommerce store and tricky re-payment scheme.

I was astounded by how easy Gumroad made the whole process.

You can sign up using either Facebook or Twitter – once you’ve logged in you are taken to your profile page.

All you then need to do is upload the appropriate file, fill in a few details about it, and within moments a link is generated that you can then distribute.

Gumroad take 5% of your total sales (compared to Amazon’s 70%) because you are left to do the tough bit – the marketing of your product.

But, if you are confident in your ability to share your link widely, and the content is good enough, you’ll not have a problem in making money from your hard work.

The five founders of Gumroad have developed a great platform that is currently available in 190 different markets, an indicator of how scalable the tech behind the service is.

Gumroad is an elegantly simple solution for helping you sell your work online and I really can’t recommend it highly enough.


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