Twitter and Instagram Fall Out

ImageInstagram has pulled photosharing from Twitter, the microblogging service confirmed on their blog on Sunday.

It’s the latest example of a pair of social networks ceasing official ties and preventing their users from cross-posting or integrating their content; Linkedin dropped integration withTwitter in the summer much to users’ dismay.

These moves demonstrate the coming of age as businesses of many of our favourite social networking services – to survive, no matter how big you are, you need to be ruthless and that means, it would seem, upsetting users in the short term.

Twitter are rolling out photo filters in a move to try and establish the service as an image-sharing platform in its own right.

Instagram, although owned by Facebook, is developing its web-based offering, moving out of the app space, somewhat, to a bonafide more widely accessible social network.

Ultimately it means that we will need to evolve the way we use our favourite platforms. New tools such as IFTTT aim to bring the loose ties of the Internet together in one seamless experience; it would seem that there is an opportunity here for them to deliver a real benefit for end users.

Business Insider makes the point:

Imagine if the New York Times were to allow Twitter to scrape its entire articles and republish them in Twitter apps.

That’d be nuts!

The only way the Times would do it is if Twitter were paying it.

That’s how cable works, after all.

They are, of course, right.

What is shows us is that we have moved into the next stage of the evolution of ‘social media’ as we know it.

The utopia of cross-service content agnosticism is at an end; money is now more important to social networks than the experience of the people that use them.


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