KakaoTalk Hits 100 Million Users

Kakao TalkKakaoTalk, the South Korean mobile messaging app, have announced that they have crossed the 100 million user mark.

The Kakao team made the announcement in a post on their blog on Tuesday.

The blog post made clear the intention to grow the service as a “global mobile social platform”, indicating they will continue to invest in expanding in the near future.

According to Korea IT Times:

KakaoTalk recorded 10 million users in April 2011, 50 million users in June 2012, and 90 million users this May. The speed of user growth has increased significantly in the recent months, taking just two months to obtain an additional 10 million users after reaching 90 million, as opposed to the average of four months. The expedited growth is attributed to Kakao’s recent marketing and localization activities in the global market.

Whilst in the West we look at the likes of What’s App as the emerging ‘next big thing’, this serves as a reminder that we should keep an eye on developments outside of our comfort zones and that social media truly can connect us globally.


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