#Shinebright with vitaminwater

I’ll be honest: I still don’t know how vitaminwater came to the conclusion that they wanted to furnish me with their product, but they did, and so far it’s been quite fun.

On Tuesday I returned to work to find a large white box emblazoned with #shinebright, containing various flavours of Vitamin Water’s range and a Berg Little Printer.

It was, I learned, because I’d been selected as a creative individual on Twitter (whoknew?!) and they wanted to encourage my creativity.

What I really like about this campaign is that it came as a total surprise; it’s a really neat touch for a brand to be proactively engaging with people, be it on Twitter, Facebook or elsewhere.

It shows that vitaminwater are looking to evolve their brand offering and create a ‘feel good’ image to accompany their ATL work.

They’re defiintely adopting the Innocent approach in terms of style and tone of voice; it’s a way of communicating that I like because although it’s being obviously ‘cheeky but friendly’, it’s very difficult to pull off without looking like a tryhard. vitaminwater don’t come across like that at all.

The campaign is looking to associate themselves with creativity and this is, I think, a particularly untapped area.

Brands wanting to align themselves with entrepreneurialism, design or aspiration are two a penny, whereas creativity as a concept is often left to individuals, rather than brands.

The company are obviously on a charge judging by Twitter activity over the last few weeks, and I’m looking forward to seeing what else they have up their sleeve.

As for the printer, it’s cloud-based, meaning you can send messages to it from anywhere and it’ll be received within moments and ready to print; this means great for leaving surprise messages for colleagues or people you live with…


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