Looking for Banksy

Picture by me on FlickrBanksy intrigued us all when it emerged he’d setup a stall in New York this week, selling original artwork for $60.

Or, as it turns out, and many have been quick to shout about, not selling.

The lack of unit-shifting, the stall made $420, is a brilliant example of Banksy’s subversiveness.

If you were to tell admirers of his work that you could pick up an original for next to nothing, you could bet there’d be a queue around the block.

By not drawing attention to the label applied to his work, namely that of ‘A Banksy’, the artist is saying just as much about us as he is his work.

To me what Banksy’s saying is: we need to be told what we think we want, in order to realise we want it.

Art is nothing without context.

The context here is that someone who looks like a hobbying artist is selling their wares. It’s asking the consumer to suspend reality to believe that this individual could be a world famous artist with pieces that have sold for millions.

It’s asking us to look closer at the art itself and to discard that it’s not bung on a wall, or indeed sprayed, to appreciate its quality, rather than look at the label.

Video via Banksy.


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