Social Media Has Become Passionless

I’m a real believer in that whatever you do, make it count.

Whether it is for you, your client, your friends, family or the communities you serve, if you don’t deliver the absolute best work you can, you are failing yourself.

Having a passion for the work you do is a powerful motivator in getting to a point where you can begin to achieve this.

Social media, and all the opportunities it brings, is a great connector of people who are passionate about causes, issues or brands. A like or a follow might look great to your client, but what it tells digital marketers is that they have found a new person who is keen to find out what you are saying.

Hopefully, they’ll like what you’re saying and share it with their friends.

What we need to continue to do, and I think that we as social media professionals are losing this, is to have a passion for the people we’re looking to connect our clients to.

We should be looking to get them thinking about why they want to follow a company, NGO or brand; what can we offer them that makes their online experience richer, or even better, leads to an offline action.

It’s very easy to retweet or share, we’re becoming hard wired into doing it without thinking, so our story needs to make people think and reflect.

We know that a link or a like is a virtual handshake that is ultimately trying affirm our identity as an individual; whilst we’re chasing this though, I think we find ourselves losing what makes social media great – the ability to make people talk with each other regardless of where they are in the world.

The Internet has democratised information exchange, but at the same time devalued the information being exchanged.

We need to re-assert the value of an online interaction and make it worthwhile for us, our clients, but most of all the folks we’re trying to reach.

Regaining passion for creating meaningful relationships with communities would be just the reboot we need.

UPDATE: Paul Sutton echoed these sentiments in a blog post a couple of days ago, which he kindly shared with me. I urge you to take a look.

2 thoughts on “Social Media Has Become Passionless

  1. Thanks Matt, great post. I agree; if you don’t truly believe in something then it’s very difficult to sell it, promote it, evangelise about it…or any other words we might use! So feeling that instinctive passion is important and not to be underestimated.

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