Twitter at it’s best

Yesterday @SciencePorn published a tweet that hit the “well that did ok” button rather neatly.

At the time of writing, the tweet had received 19,224 retweets and 8,503 favourites. A staggering pair of numbers.

It’s successful because it has a very clear message: “we’re not doing a very good job at helping our planet help us”, delivered in a kind of smart arse way. And we all know that Twitter loves a smart arse.

Cleverly, the picture of a tree within the image in the tweet is used to break up the text and acts as a rhetorical pause. As you read the content you’re essentially wondering what happens after the fold; it’s a clever device used to maximum effect here.

I think this also vindicates the movement by Twitter to allow for greater use of images within tweets; that new preview function has got a lot to answer for.

People want visual content, Twitter are allowing people to get what they want. It’s another positive step.


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