2013 Mailchimp by the numbers

Mailchimp have released their year in review and it reveals some interesting statistics that show just how important email marketing is, and will continue to be.

As we talk so much about social media in digital, it’s often easy to overlook the effectiveness of email as a form of communication.

Some of the key numbers:

  • 237,615 Mailchimp mobile downloads
  • 1,238,969 campaigns shared on Twitter and Facebook
  • 1,907,466,306 total clicks
  • 3,168,633,335 total subscribers added
  • 20,028,370,775 total opens
  • 70,000,000,000 emails sent
  • 24,323,099 total campaigns sent

It tells us that email marketing, like it or not, is here to stay.

It also tells us that social media marketers aren’t doing as well as we should be to integrate all forms of the digital marketing mix into our activations, especially on mobile.

We need to be striving to do more to tie social media and direct communications activity together:

We can give our communities what they want, where they want it
It can tell us a great deal about them
It can show us what we need to do better

Will you be making email marketing a more prominent part of your digital communications strategy in 2014?


2 thoughts on “2013 Mailchimp by the numbers

  1. Hi Matt,

    Happy New Year!

    Some very interesting stats. I know from experience how effective email marketing can be in terms of lead generation and sales.

    Did you see this study by McKinsey?

    I’ve not heard ‘social commerce’ mentioned for a while, but I think it’s becoming clear that email, search and PPC are the best ways to generate sales, and social should be considered part of branding, customer service and CRM. These are still important activities, but higher up the funnel.

    Marketers need to start thinking of social as something people do on their own terms, and stop trying to make an arduous link to sales, which the data is increasingly showing does not exist on any meaningful scale.

    We’ll have to catch-up next I’m back in London,


  2. Great, thanks for the Link Ben, that is a study I’d missed!

    Couldn’t agree more with you; that we’re still talking about social AND purchasing behaviour as two activities that are intrinsically linked is a shame – they’re not and we need to get to a point where social can be seen as a communication activity rather than a sales driver!

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