Launch Legacies

Nothing is more exciting than a launch event, be it for a product, service or creative.

Months go into the preparation; what do we want to achieve from it? who do we need to be there? what is the messaging we’re going out with? what is the brand perception we’re trying to create?

They’re great: stressful and enjoyable; tiring and exhilarating; painstaking but rewarding. Working on launch events will be among the highlights of any marketer’s career.

It struck me whilst wandering around the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park that the notion of ‘leaving a legacy’ is something we don’t really consider when putting on a launch event. There will of course be exceptions to the rule and I’d welcome your examples in the comments.

Once it is done, it is done. There is very rarely any follow up, aside from media briefings. The online communities or brand advocates with whom we want to engage don’t get anything more out of the event itself (a t-shirt or badge aside) and promises of an even better launch time out.

The legacy, I guess, isn’t long-term; it’s measured in changes of sentiment towards the brand or product, unit sales, beating the competitor.

We should be looking to to make launch events more connected on on ongoing basis with our communities to make them so much more about just showing off the latest gadget, book or CSR initiative.

A launch event is just the first part of the story – it should be the jumping off point for a continuing and evolving conversation.

What will the legacy be of your next launch for your communities?


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