Edinburgh Airport: A Missed Social Media Opportunity

On Sunday, after a short weekend break in Edinburgh, I was waiting with many other passengers in the departure lounge at Edinburgh Airport (well, pub) before boarding a flight back to London.

The wait was suddenly punctuated by the blaring of a fire alarm in the terminal and an automated message to leave the area, guided by staff.

With no staff on hand, other than a couple of folks from the airport pub, we wandered with the rest of our fellow passengers to another gate away from the scene.

As we settled into some seats, there was a shortage of staff and no information so I decided to see if any information was available on Twitter.

I found that Edinburgh Airport (@EDI_Airport) were on Twitter but had not tweeted since January 16th.

Myself and a couple of others in the same situation tweeted what was occurring:

After a little while, 20-30 minutes or so the alarm had stopped, and with no further instructions forthcoming from the airport staff, we began walking back to our departure gate.

Still nothing from Edinburgh Airport’s Twitter account.

I feel that this was a missed opportunity from Edinburgh Airport to use their Twitter handle to share information with folks who were on site.

They should of course have not published anything until accurate information was available, but it would have been helpful, given the lack of communication from the ground staff.

Indeed, a simple “Fire alarm activated at the airport. Investigating.”, followed up by a “Fire alarm was false. Airport back to normal” would have been helpful.

I appreciate it was a Sunday evening and Twitter would have been bottom of the list of the airport communication team’s priorities.

That’s often the problem though, isn’t it.


One thought on “Edinburgh Airport: A Missed Social Media Opportunity

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