What Is There To Like About Not Being at South By South West?

As a serial #SXSW non-attendee, I often think that I’m missing out.

The new tech that’s going to be used; the developments in social networking behaviours; the parties; I miss out on them all.

I think it’s a good thing.

Setting up filters
The joy about not being at South By South West is that you can filter the useful from the not so much.

Watching from afar you have an opportunity to see the wider landscape of what is being talked about and who is making an impression. You can see which companies most people are talking about and which products are having an impact.

I get the sense that on the ground you can lose that perspective amongst the press-fleshing and tech-testing.

Watching paid media
It’s always pretty fun to see which companies are trying to be disruptive around the #SXSW hashtag or using promoted tweets to flaunt their wares.

From big companies to startups, each wants to grab your attention and get you to ‘check out’ their website. Nobody visits a site anymore, they just check it out. Remember to include a proper CTA ;)

Finding new people to follow
It’s a great way of widening your online network. New people crop up in searches or retweets who you might not have heard of before.

A non-presence at SXSW can introduce you to lots of new potential digital buddies and help you to identify the emerging faces of the tech scene. Sounds great to me!

Maybe, after some justification, you can say you’re making the most of the opportunity to follow SXSW from the comfort of your sofa rather than missing out.

I’d still quite like to meet Grumpy Cat though.


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