Make Your Own Way

Whilst working at Edelman, Marshall was always expressing how he (and please excuse the paraphrasing Marshall) ‘made up the job as he went along’.

It’s a sentiment I have focused on increasingly over the past year or so.

Last week we welcomed Don Baer from the US team to the London Burson-Marsteller offices. In a great session, he regaled us with stories from his time in politics, law and PR.

It struck a chord with me then, when he said that to succeed, we must ‘make our own way’.

That’s two people with vast experience sharing the same message. Works for me.

The social media landscape is always changing and It’s one of the reasons I enjoy working in this space. In one moment, a new tool or service can explode out of nowhere and create it’s own industry: Vineographers anyone?

Maybe it’s because I’m very much in the Millennial camp, but I don’t believe in workplace rigidity. I want to have new opportunities outside of what my job description says; I want to be able to work where I want, when I want (within reason) and for who I want.

The great opportunity for Millennials and Gen C is that we can make our own way. Technology allows us to work anywhere there’s wifi and a decent cup of coffee.

A job description just tells me what I need to do as a minimum requirement to be able to do my job effectively. This is good because it sets parameters, but it can also have a negative effect in so much that subconsciously I might put myself in a position of not learning anything other than how to do a set of tasks well, repeatedly.

I like breaking things, especially job descriptions – it means you can learn more skills, try new things and become a better professional and a better person.

I don’t want to be effective; I want to be constantly evolving. Maybe I’m an idealist, but I hope it is a notion we all strive for.


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