Using Media To Be Social Is More Than Social Media

The latest valuation of Secret at $100 Million shows just how quickly social communications is evolving.

Line has listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, a bold move considering it is still a relatively young app.

Only a few months ago we were cooing at the prospect of Whatsapp being bought by Facebook for $19 Billion, with its established userbase a snip at half the price, and wondering what that would mean for the future of closed network conversations.

There is data that suggests the use of social media platforms is in decline; indeed some suggest it is inevitable. What strikes me is that although platform use may be slowing down, use of media to be social, isn’t – you wouldn’t list if you thought otherwise.

We’re seeing the next step change in digital comms happening before our very eyes. Gen C is taking their communications activities into private spaces, not abandoning them altogether.
What we’re seeing is people having deeper relationships with fewer connections.

It means that we’re now applying filters to the amount and type of social interactions we are, and want, to have.

That does not spell the end for social media, it’s just the next step towards an ever-changing end point.


One thought on “Using Media To Be Social Is More Than Social Media

  1. Hi Matt, I want to thank you for you’re great post about the royalties charing on Spotify through Routenote. Six weeks ago i uploaded my first album on routenote and since three days it’s now available on Spotify, Itunes, Amazon…. the whole shabammm! I like you’re way of watching things. Because i saw it differently and was a little sceptic about the less then a dollar for each stream. I counted that if 20% of the whole dutch people where listening to my album in that case i will become rich of distribute my album through Spotify. Keep dreaming, haha. Well thank you for you’re post i delivered you another 0,2 dollars for listening to you’re tracks. They are great btw!
    Greetings from Nijmegen, Holland.

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