2015 Social Media Trends: Frictionless Social Networks

SuperSocial Media trendspotting is always fun, so as we’re at the apex of 2015, what better time to throw out some ideas for what we’re likely to see happen in the next twelve months.

I hope that if you’re tuned into the digital space you’ll see some thoughts here that resonate.

This is the first post in a series of four so keep an eye out over the next few days for more.

Frictionless Social Networks

We’ve seen stumbles, likes and retweets become the easiest way to generate content amplification and curation. You can forge your own persona online just by being particular about the content you share. This has morphed from in-network action to being the network.

The likes of Super, Plague and Yik Yak have made creating throwaway content easy. Why spend ten minutes thinking of witty text to overlay on an image that has already become an established meme when you can make your own in a matter of seconds on Super?

People want to create or share in the moment and move on to the next thing. When it’s a public interaction, the need to make it stand out from others plays to our innate desire for peer recognition.

Brands must help people to fulfill that need. That means being brave and to some extent letting your community create who you are, within fixed parameters. This of course is nothing new, per se, but as we move our interactions away from the large social networks onto smaller, less developed ones, we have to unlearn what we know to some extent.

We know that visual content is easier to consume (your brain consumes images 60,000x faster than text) so should brands make editable visual assets available for their community to use on these new networks?

Knowing which platform will be the next that requires investment is tricky. We’ve not seen the massive predicted explosion of brands using Whatsapp for example; putting the brand back in the hands of the community could help to guide that process.

Let me know what you think will happen in 2015 in the comments!


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