2015 Social Media Trends: Microvideo

Last time out I looked at Frictionless Social Networks. Today’s 2015 trend is Microvideo.

We know that video consumption has, is, and will continue to skyrocket as access to better technology is available to more people.

Why is it important and what can we do as digital marketers to make the most of it?


Video is increasingly being watched in mobile devices – this means that video content needs to be shorter so that a) it doesn’t kill your data allowance and b) it can be consumed quickly. This, coupled with Twitter-backed Vine and Facebook-owned Instagram, means that the rapid-fire content creation game is a serious one.

Serious investment has been placed in both of these platforms. The latest valuation of Instagram places it at $35bn; with 300 million users that makes it more popular than Twitter and at an original $1bn purchase, a bit of a bargain.

Vine is being used by journalists as a valid reporting tool, much in the same way that Twitter is. Adding context and supporting materials to stories as they break visually could be a lucrative shift for the short-forma video platform.

Digital video consumption has doubled since 2012 and is only set to increase as smartphone ownership grows.

Serious investment is being placed in Vine by brands who hire Vineographers to create content on their behalf and they’re paying large sums for the pleasure. As one of my former colleagues said “You’ve essentially just paid someone to stand and hold a phone with their thumb on it for six seconds.” The punchline being of course that ou’re not paying for the person to point and shoot, but their creativity in editing and developing the content. Capturing it is only part of the deal.

With online video streaming subscriptions gradually becoming the norm, we’re more used to getting video content when we want it, how we want it. Could brands use this to their advantage by creating microseries content (think webisodes but consumed on Vine)?

Tell me what you think in the comments :)


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