2015 Social Media Trends: Paid Media

In 2015, we’ll see social media continue to develop apace, but what will be the main evolutions we see?

This is the third post of four that speculates on that question.

Previously I’ve looked at Frictionless Social Networks and Microvideo, today it’s the turn of the advertiser’s favourite…

Paid Media

Recent research from Group M suggests that the UK will see 50% of all advertising fees go towards digital activations in 2015.

Social media is no longer free; as organic reach decreases and more content as published created than ever before, getting the attention of your potential consumer requires greater investment.

As platforms look to ensure their users are served more relevant content they need a filter – Paid Media. Not only does Paid Media mean that social networks can monetize, it means that brands can reach their audience in a highly targeted manner.

Brands must ensure that any digital budget has Paid Media factored in to it. It should be used for priority content and of course to test how different groups within a community react to different versions of the same content. That’s invaluable feedback in the long term.

I’ve always been of the opinion that in social media we have an advantage over advertisers when it comes to generating meaningful community interactions online. As community managers we engage with our communities on a daily basis so we know better than anyone what makes them tick. It means we can more effectively plan our Paid Media activity to suit them.

If you have a digital presence you will need to place a certain amount of faith in Paid, regardless of if you want to or not. We can ensure ‘X reach’ or ‘X impressions’, and we’ll have a go at estimating engagement or actions, but the truth of the matter is organic reach needs to be complemented by Paid Media.

Tell me in the comments what you think we’ll see in terms of video content in the next twelve months.

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