2015 Social Media Trends Round Up

I’ve already shared my four 2015 social media trends to watch out for, (Frictionless Social Networks, Microvideo, Paid Media and Digital Convergence) but what does everyone else think will be the main developments in the digital space over the next twelve months?

I’ve gathered together five of my favourite prediction, top tip and trendhunting lists below. Have a read through: what stands out to you as being the most important evolution we should look out for in 2015?

Ten Trends for 2015 (via We Are Social)

5 social trends you can expect to see in 2015 (via Gigaom)

1. Chat as a Platform
2. Location based feeds and Yik Yak’s moment
3. Foursquare’s finale
4. Deep linking and app constellations
5. Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat come of age

What Comes Next? 5 Social Media Trends for 2015 (Ryan Holmes from Hootsuite)

1. Major social networks battle harder for your wallet
2. Niche social networks continue to rise … but will they last?
3. Shopping finally comes to social media
4. Smart devices get even smarter, to users’ benefit
5. Increasing demand for (truly) private social media gives way to the real thing

The 7 Top Social Media Trends That Will Impact Your Marketing In 2015 (via Business to Community)

1. Mobile as priority
2. Paid amplification
3. Social shopping
4. Vlogging
5. Social wallets
6. Interest-based, not people-based
7. Continued quest for personal privacy

Key Trends in Social media for 2015 (via Ogilvy)

So it seems that shopping, privacy and interest based platforms are emerging as the main themes to keep an eye on; whatever happens, we’re all bound to be wrong anyway ;)

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