Whatever Happened To My Blog and Roll?

I was hunting around for some information the other day and I recalled that it had been dropped into a blog post I’d written a while ago.

Turns out, that post was WAY BACK in 2016.

I was a little bit embarrassed with myself that the last serious blogpost I’d written was three years ago. For someone who is supposed to position themselves as a writer first, it is a little pathetic.

I have produced 614 blog posts for Seldom Seen Kid since I started in 2008. At one point I was publishing three to four times a week.

It seems that the slowing down in real social media innovation has affected the level of output, along with, y’know, life and work.

I’ve been thinking about what 2020 will hold for social media recently and it seems that we’ll be addressing the same old concerns about privacy, control of data, operating models… we’ve hit a point of maturity where we really are making minor tweaks and marginal gains.

This is all taking place with the backdrop of social media leading to mental health challenges, people using social media for nefarious means, confusion over what content is real and what is not.

Social media isn’t a fledgling experiment, lurching from one interesting innovation to another anymore. It’s become a part of our collective conscious, self censoring what we put on the Internet in case it comes back to bite us later down the line.

Drew Benvie recently gave a Ted Talk about making social media a force for good. I urge you to read the highlights on the Battenhall blog.

Social media has had a bad rep, and it looks to be evolving into a darker place.

We can change that, but only if we think about the wider implications of our actions and conversations we’re having.

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