Welcome to Seldom Seen Kid, a blog about digital culture.

Digital Culture is the manifestation of the Internet as a knowledge-sharing platform that has resulted in a paradigm shift to a transparent and collaborative society.

I am the Social Media lead at Flipside in London with more than 8 years’ experience of working in social media and the digital space, managing and executing UK, EMEA and global programmes for multinational companies.

I have cross sector experience in the social business, corporate, financial, FMCG, consumer and pharmaceutical industries, in strategy development, landscape analysis, crisis and issues management, paid media, editorial management, content creation and community management.

I work with companies to help them understand the digital landscape that they operate in and to identify the opportunities that social media can bring to their business. The aim of this is to help them provide a service that their customers will want to interact with and ultimately benefit from – for me, the community comes first.

My speciality is the identification of insights through statistical analysis of online behaviour to shape digital strategy, conducting, co-ordinating and developing the process for multi-market landscape audits.

I manage communities and develop content strategies that help brands to connect with their audience.

I also have extensive experience crisis management, reporting and analysis for global brands.

I am excited by the chance to help induce institutional change and encourage brands to work better for and with their customers.

I am a purist in my approach to working digitally. As a blogger, and generally subversive type, being honest, transparent and holistic in what I do both personally and professionally, is very important to me. If I write about a topic that is connected with any of the work I do for my employer, I will always disclose, and I hope that it provokes discussion.

My background is in blogging, music and consumer PR, but my passion is for all things digital and how we use emerging technologies to communicate and how this can change cultures and society.

I’m fascinated by the media and the different channels we use to interact with each other, be that through PR, advertising, marketing, word of mouth and new social media.

Before I joined the world of communications, I studied journalism at Westminster University which I hope has given me the skills to be journalist and PR friendly. In a media industry where these two professions will be forever intertwined I think it’s important to be aware of how the grass grows on both sides of the fence.

Feel free to contact me at matt(at)seldomseenkid.co.uk or via one of the many social networks I can be found on.

The views expressed here are mine, and have nothing to do whatsoever with my employer.