PR Policy

I am happy to be approached by PRs looking to discuss coverage opportunities for their clients. Indeed, a large part of my job includes regularly approaching bloggers on behalf of my clients.

With that in mind, please do not expect an instant response to your e-mail or Tweet (I have to do work too ya know!) although i don’t mind what time you get in contact with me, and there is no need for an aggressive follow up, I wouldn’t do it to you if the roles were reversed!

You don’t need to be a complete whizz at what i’ve written about, or even subscribed to my RSS feed, but it wouldn’t hurt would it :-)

However, I must ask that before you press that send button, please consider a few of the following things:

Is my client relevant to The Seldom Seen Kid?
Will the coverage be mutually beneficial?
My pitch/press release isn’t salesy is it?

If you answer these in the affirmative, then you’re probably onto a winner and you can contact me at matt (at)

I look forward to hearing from you!

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