Jukebox: Offline Dropbox Music Player

Rummaging around on Product Hunt, I stumbled upon Jukebox. It’s an iOS app that enables you to download music saved to Dropbox and listen via a sleekly designed player.


There’s a couple of cool things to note here: first how simple the UI is.

It’s very Spotify-esque in look and feel, which means it is instantly accessible to folks who like streaming.

Secondly this could be a very neat way for music bloggers to stay on top of all the tracks they get sent.

Dropbox and Soundcloud are the de facto choice for receiving tracks to review so any app or tool that can make that interaction simpler is going to be welcomed.

Additionally, James Zhang, one of the folks behind the app said in response to a comment:

…we’re actually working on adding a private sharing feature so that you can share a song with a friend through a text link and they can stream to preview the song or download it straight to their own Jukebox.

This would be a great piece of functionality to incorporate as it will make music-sharing that little bit easier.

I urge you to download it on iOS and see for yourself!

Top Five Foursquare Apps

Foursquare is one of the most interesting social networks to have evolved over the last two years.

For me, there are two signs that show a service has a genuine value:

It is imitated in both function and design
A whole bunch of other services grow up around it

This is happening to Foursquare in both cases.

So, here’s five neat Foursquare-driven services for you to have a play with:

Social currency is key on the Internet, so having the badges to show you are an active member of a community helps to give you that credibility – 4sqbadgecrawl helps you find out what you’re missing and how to get them.

Tripsq makes your Foursquare activity into a cool looking infographic so that you can visulise what you’ve been getting upto. It’s great for showing your Internet chums just how much time you spend in hip coffee joints and how far you walked to get to them…

Deal Burner
Want to know when you check-in if the venue has a deal on? deal Burner will send you a text to tell you if it does! Simple, but effective.

When Should I Visit
If you’re not one for crowds, When Should I Visit lets you find out the busiest days for museums, theatres and galleries so you can see what you want in peace and quiet.

The amount of data available around your Foursquare use is immense. 4sqmap looks to collate all of your data and presents it in a simple format, that shows you pretty much anything you could want to know about your Foursquare use.

So now you’ve heard mine, what are your favourite uses of Foursquare?