Top 10: Street Art Blogs

I’ve recently been exploring the world of street art and blogs which cover this dark yet wonderful obsession. street art is one of those things that you will miss as you idly stroll by, but keep your eyes peeled and all of a sudden you notice little things that before you’d have neglected to register.

Here’s some Street Art blogs to get your aerosol can requirements sprayed:

1) Dr.d
2) Streetsy
3) Wooster Collective
4) Graffiti Research Lab
5) Art of the State
6) Street Stickers
7) C6 Dotmasters
8) Cut Up Collective
9) Syd

What other street art Blogs do you think i’ve missed?


Top 10: Iran Blogs

Iran is the focus of much of the blogosphere and micro-blogging platforms at the moment. The news and constant updates there are providing a theatre for a war that is going to rumble on. Some have said that this is the Iranian Twitter Revolution, I do not think that is quite the case, but I am sure that many sceptics will have been convinced of the power Twitter is beginning to wield.

Here’s ten blogs covering the events in Iran:

3) Roozonline
4) View From Iran
5) Iran Affairs
6) The Daily Dish
7) Parsarts
8) Tehran Bureau
9) Iraninsideout
10) Culture of Iran

And you can of course follow Twitter developments using the hashtag #iranelection

Top 10 Seldom Seen Kid Posts

As is the fashion, after a quarter of the year I thought i’d share with you the top posts from the Seldom Seen Kid archive. Many other blogs do this and i’m interested to see if there are benefits from re-publishing older material.

Let me know what you think!

1) Compare The Meerkat
2) Primark PR Sweatshop Disaster
3), confused, dot com?
4) Profile:
5) Spotify – free ad-funded music
6) Top 10: Music Business Blogs for the uniniated
7) How To Get A Job in PR – Part 1
8) Daily Mail Attacks Twitter – mocks John Cleese
9) Can Twitter Make Your Band Famous?
10) Journalism and PR Sitting In a Tree

Top Ten: Blogs to Inspire the Design-minded

Where should you look if you want to design or build something that is quirky or chic? Do you need ideas or inspiration aesthetically? Take alook at the following and see if they get the brain bubbling…

2) Trend Hunter
3) Yanko Design
4) Design Oberver
5) Designers Who Blog
6) We Heart Stuff
7) Un Cool Hunting
8) Wise Elephant
9) Dezeen

As ever, what have I missed off the list that you think should take spot number ten?

Top Ten: MP3 Blogs for those in need of New Music

Where’s the best place to find new music, for free? The internet of course! And where better than to hear it on the advice of some of the most tuned in people on the web.

Here then, are the places to go to indulge your ear drums…

1) Song By Toad
2) To Die By Your Side
3) Ear Drums Music
4) Said The Gramophone
5) Stereogum
6) Nothing But Green Lights
7) Hypemachine
8) Burning World
9) Large Hearted Boy

I know there are loads of others out there, where do you go to find new music?

Top 10: Tech Blogs for the unengaged

Don’t know the difference between an iPod, an N96 or an Xbox? What you need is a list of great gadget sites that cover news, product reviews and have a handle on what’s hot in tech. Get your gadget brain in-gear with these…

1) Zath
2) Crenk
3) Techcrunch
4) Techmeme
5) Techdirt
6) Engadget
7) Gizmodo
8) Tech Digest
9) Idiot Toys

What do you think should be that all important number 10? Let me know!

Top 10: Music Business Blogs for the uninitiated

There are a lot of music blogs out there. From small indie blogs, to huge spiralling out of control everybody-wants-a-piece-of-us megablogs. But the majority of these focus on reviewing music and until recently i’ve struggled to find any good digital music business resource sites.

So I unpacked my trowel and went digging – here’s what I excavated:

1) New Music Strategies
2) Digital Music News
3) Kings of A&R
4) Indie Music Tech
5) Pat Woodward
6) Coolfer
7) Digital Audio Insider
8) Hypebot
9) Know The Music Biz

So what would be in that all important number 10 slot? How about Industry Bible Brands Bands Fans from Frukt, the guys behind the indespensible Five Eight magazine? Let me know what you think!